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Happy New Years!

Long time no see! It’s been a crazy year. To catch you all up on life so far, we had a baby! She is sweet, adorable and everything I was missing in life. So exciting and because of that the business has been on hold while i’ve been on maternity leave. I do hope to join more holiday markets and further grow this blog with a post maybe every other week. Do not worry though I have been working every chance this baby lets me while i’ve been gone. (teething is going to be fun).

Right now I have an awesome work in progress that’s not only resourceful its freaking cute. Before that, realize I have been running Finns Wonderland for about three years now and in doing so I have racked up quite a bit of yarn scraps. So recently I was trying to figure out what to do with them and wanted to make something small, quick, and cute. Thus the mini flower pot was made!

I took all of my yarn scraps that were long enough to make a small petal, crocheted them, and organized them by color. With whatever browns and orange clay colors I had I made pots and dirt circles(Technically not scraps). Once I had it all ready I decided what color petals would go together and assembled them all with little scraps as stuffing.

It’s been a really fun way to use up my yarn and try new color combos. They turned out hella cute and even have adorable little faces making them great for valentines, birthdays, mothers day, and any holiday. I might even have ones you can customize when you order. Speaking of orders, I am hoping to have my shop open again in April where I can take custom requests! You could order a cuttlefish in any color, or a giant mushroom.

Again, thank you to everyone who gave one of my creatures a home in 2023 and here’s to more finding a home in 2024! See you all again next time. -Never stop dreaming, because what if…

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